Yesterday I arrived at the Singapore Changi airport, at about 1 pm, to the bright, welcoming faces of Patrick and Anna!  There is nothing so wonderful as seeing your beloved ones after about 30 hours of grueling flights.  Luckily all my connections went smoothly, so there is naught to complain about!

After a long afternoon nap, it was time to sample some of the Singapore foods that we’d been hearing so much about!

This was *not* what we ordered- I have to work up to this!

 We have a lot of catching up to do….and so many plans to make!

Now, after a good night’s sleep, it’s time to explore Singapore.


35 hours until lift-off!

November 26, 2011

Many thanks to experienced blogger Eva, who helped me set up this area for sharing photos, stories and news about our upcoming trip!  I think I am just about ready to go- there are only a few details left to take care of, and then we are off!

Thanks to Marie and Carl, who selflessly offered to take Daisy into their home  (and pack!) while we are away.

Daisy.. who could resist this face?

Thanks, Ivar, too, for housesitting for us.  It really makes it easier to leave knowing that these bases are covered!  You guys ROCK!

Now to finish packing!