Who-  Elise and Pat Dwyer, with daughter Anna.  We are from Sonoma, CA, avid hikers and outdoorspeople.  Anna is a junior at UC Davis, doing a study abroad semester in Singapore.   Since her term is finishing, we thought it would be an amazing opportunity to visit her in Singapore before she leaves, and do some other traveling in Southeast Asia besides!

Patrick decided to do some extra traveling (he is nearly retired, so he has the time!) in Nepal, so he has been away since November 7th trekking in the Helambu area of Nepal, and is now taking leisurely strolls around Kathmandu.  He will arrive in Singapore Nov. 28, and I will meet them there on the 29th.  We will have about 3 weeks to play with.

We will spend about 4 days in Singapore, exploring the city and getting a sense of the culture and lifestyle there (read: amazing FOOD per Anna’s report!)  .  Then we will be taking a modern, air-conditioned train from Singapore to Thailand,  through Malaysia, stopping in Kuala Lumpur to change to an overnight sleeper train.   This is as much for the experience as none of us have done much train travel.  I am really looking forward to it!

We will be getting off in Southern Thailand and heading to the coastal area of Krabi, a great jumping off point for water explorations, snorkeling, sea kayaking among the karst islands, and island hopping via longtail boat.

From there we will be flying to Chiang Mai, where we will be hiking in the hills and mountains of northern Thailand.  We may even do an overnight hike there.  We will be spending some days in a further north village of Chiang Dao, a jumping off point for some great treks in the mountains.

Finally, we will end up in Bangkok- and will be there from December 13-18, when we fly out.

That’s the basic plan.  Now, let’s see what REALLY happens!







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