Chiang Dao, part 2

December 11, 2011

Happy Birthday, Pat!!  Today is his 67th birthday, and we are happy doing whatever he wants to do- and for this day it is simply exploring the little town of Chiang Dao, 7 km away, having a simple lunch there, and then relaxing at the “nest”,  a wonderful place to spend time.  There are innumerable places to read and relax, all with gorgeous verdant views of the gardens here and the surrounding mountains.

Open air dining room at the "nest"

Super zoom shot of the flags on Chiang Dao mountain

We walked the entire length of Chiang Dao town, in both directions,  in about an hour or so…. it is just lined with little shops carrying the needs of the townspeople.

One of the two funeral processions we saw in our short time in town

There was a lovely assortment of lotuses in small water gardens outside of the shops… here are a few.





























We have been finding some Thai attempts at English to be highly amusing:

I would call this "Engrish", but I can't tell what phrase is being slaughtered here!

Back to the nest for more reading!

The reading room

Now, to a celebratory Thai dinner for Patrick’s birthday…. tomorrow, we will start up the trail to the mountain- just to explore, not to conquer!

We miss you all…  much love!






8 Responses to “Chiang Dao, part 2”

  1. Jane Wellington Says:

    The lotus photos were so life like, I felt I could touch them, 3-D.

    It was nice to see Anna in shorts, looks like you’re having good weather. It’s chilly here at times, but sunny.

    The reading room looks so inviting. Enjoy, Love, Jane

  2. Jane Wellington Says:

    Happy Birthday Pat, what a wonderful way to spend your day. The way you look, you’ll be doing this kind of thing for another 30 years. Birthday Blessings to you, Jane and Peter

  3. the McGees Says:

    Happy Birthday Pat from the McGees! Tim and I were saying this morning that you have inspired us to “keep on trekking” even though we feel kind of tired and old 🙂 Happy trails to you and Elise and Anna – thanks for sharing the journey. We love you guys…

  4. Evelyn Says:

    Wonderful photos – I am so enjoying seeing and hearing about the trip as it goes on. A big Happy Birthday to Pat!
    Much love,

  5. Kyle Says:

    HBP to Pat. Lovely photos. I’m starting to change my thinking on going to Egypt, now.

  6. Denise and Tom Says:

    Tom and I are sending you belated birthday wishes, Pat. Hope it was the best!!!!

    (sorry late, we just flew in two nights ago)

  7. Phil Says:

    Happy birthday, Patrick, although belatedly. At least I can reply to the post for that day.

    It’s nice to see friends enjoying these parts of Thailand that I have never been to see.

    Keep on enjoying!

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