We’re in Thailand! and, report on Singapore (part 1)

December 4, 2011

We are (finally) in Thailand, after an arduous nearly 24 hour train trip… (filing that under experiences that we’ve done and don’t need to to again), and are feeling relaxed and ready to explore. We had a wonderful time in Singapore- a seemingly completely organized country that has it’s act together- rules about everything, as we’ve heard, and here is just one example:


Talk about being specific!!

We enjoyed the hawker center food, it was universally excellent. Here was one favorite dish:

fried whole fish with thai sweet chili sauce


We took a long hike around a lake in central Singapore, the main feature being a suspension bridge high above the treetops- amazing bird/monkey’s eye view of the jungle all around.


We also took a night walk to see the amazing waterfront area of Singapore as lit up at night.  This place rivals the great cities in the scale and scope of the city- it was so impressive!


Merlion Statue at the Esplanade


Time to get on the train to Thailand!

4 Responses to “We’re in Thailand! and, report on Singapore (part 1)”

  1. Evelyn Says:

    Glad to hear you’re doing well! I l would like to hear more about Singapore and it’s organized quality, when you have the time.
    Also, what about the train was such a drag? Just the length of the trip? Did you have a sleeper cabin (do they offer these)? Or did you have to be in upright seats the whole time?
    Love, E

    • Eva Says:

      From what they told me, they couldn’t eat the entire time because the amount of time they had to transfer to the next train did not allow them to get food! Apparently it was a serious grumpyhungry situation…

    • seawandering Says:

      Hi Ev! Yes- in Singapore, all is organized, there are signs everywhere telling you what to do (and not do) and the people seem to comply. Queues are orderly, there is no tipping (the price you are quoted is the price you pay). There are policemen everywhere, in pairs, surveying the situation in their smart beige berets.
      Eva is right, it was a problem probably of inexperience and lack of language… we were caught short in making our connections, the processing of us through the customs and immigration left us little time to change money and buy food… so we didn’t have the right currency to buy food on the train, and they didn’t make stops at large stations so we could buy food. So… we subsisted on snacks, nuts, pretzels and apples for about 24 hours. We did have a sleeper train… I will show you pictures of this.

  2. EvelynEvelyn Says:

    Wow! Definitely an experience best viewed looking backwards! (in time, of course.)

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